Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Teachers need to speak out

Published Wednesday April 16th, 2008 , Times Transcript
Appeared on page D8

New Brunswickers need to hear what teachers think of the significant changes to the education system recently imposed by the Education Minister, Kelly Lamrock.

Teachers are on the frontline: they are the ones with the most intimate experience of what works and what doesn't.

However, to date, we only hear anecdotally that many teachers across the province have strong opinions about Minister Lamrock's decision to eliminate Early French Immersion and elementary Core French.

New Brunswick's children need their teachers to speak out, to make their views known. Parents and teachers have a common interest in a sound educational policy.

Teachers and parents must support the education system to achieve the best results. We look to teachers for advice.

We encourage teachers to join other experts in making their views public.

A press release by the president of the Association des enseignantes et enseignants francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick (AEFNB), which represents 2,400 teachers, has asked that Mr. Lamrock reconsider the recent changes to the educational system. Similarly, the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) has also sent a letter to Mr. Lamrock asking him to reconsider the proposed changes. The CASLT represents over 3,000 teachers, researchers, school administrators, faculties of education, language centres, departments of education, and educational publishers interested in second language education issues.

We encourage New Brunswick teachers to make their concerns known to the NBTA (New Brunswick Teachers' Association) executive and the board of directors. Their voices are invaluable to this debate.

Robert Hoadley, Citizens for Educational Choice, Fredericton

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