Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Liberals are right to be worried

The sleuth-- Times and Trasncript April 26, 2008


In political gossip, Sleuth's spies inside the Liberal Party of New Brunswick report that there was a meeting in Moncton earlier this week of behind the scenes members, such as riding presidents and fundraisers, as well as the party's president and executive-director.

And what was one of the hottest topics du jour? French Immersion!

Sleuth's informant indicates the heat is on "high" in the kitchen, and although nobody has been seen vacating it yet, the grassroots are mightily worried about Premier Shawn Graham's refusal to date to abandon or alter Education Minister Kelly (I've got a Report) Lamrock's changes to second language training.

While the premier and education minister are still insisting there is a large "silent majority" among the public that supports the controversial changes, the grassroots members apparently aren't so sure. Of 10 party supporters from Moncton at this week's meeting, your gumshoe hears, only three support staying the course.Seven want changes.

And at least one Liberal backroom person told Sleuth, in worried tones, that this battle "isn't partisan". In fact, he noted, it is both small- and large-L liberals who are most against the government's plan. Could be a very hot summer on the barbeque circuit for Shawn.


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