Monday, April 7, 2008

NB Papers--It is getting hot out there

Today has seen a flurry of activity in the press.


“Don’t burn the books,” says retired FSL teacher
by Edna Williston
Published Monday April 7th, 2008
Appeared on page A3

Don't burn the books, says a retired French-second language teacher. Esther Mahoney is adamant the minister of education has made the wrong decision in eliminating early french immersion from the school curriculum.
Mahoney said she cannot understand how the future delivery of French-second language instruction can be decided on the basis of what she calls a flawed report. .... Click here for link.

Grits like nuns at a picnic: ex-deputy minister
Education Robert Pichette decries axing of French immersion

Marty Klinkenberg Telegraph-JOurnal
Published Monday April 7th, 2008
Appeared on page A1

MONCTON - One of the three men who drafted New Brunswick's Official Languages Act is disappointed by the government's decision to eliminate early French immersion from the province's school system.
"Everything I have ever done is to enhance this very special and peculiar status we have,'' Robert Pichette, a deputy cabinet minister under Louis Robichaud, said Sunday as he sat in his office at home in Moncton.
Pichette, now 71 and retired, was asked what he would write about New Brunswick's current Liberal government if he was still a journalist.
"I would write that this is not a Liberal government,'' said Pichette, who for years served as a columnist for the Telegraph-Journal and helped establish a French-language daily.
"It is a government of untalented amateurs." ... Click here for link

Mr. Premier, are you prepared to lose the next election on FSL issue?
Published Monday April 7th, 2008 Miramichi Leader
Appeared on page A6

GUEST EDITORIAL — The following is an open letter to Premier Shawn Graham.
Dear Mr. Premier: I would like to express my concern regarding the recent cuts to New Brunswick's French Immersion Program.
What you have done, Mr. Premier, is lowered the bar. Instead of having proficiency targets of Advanced for Early Immersion Students, the target for students in the proposed Late Immersion Program will be Intermediate Plus. Once a lower standard is in place, programming doesn't have to be as good, does it, Mr. Premier?
Mr. Premier, there are many things that could be done to improve the system already in place, instead of scrapping it for a totally different program. Were these alternatives considered? If not, I strongly suggest they be considered. If so, I would like to know the rationale for disregarding these options in favour of the proposed program.
I leave you with one more question, Mr. Premier. Are you prepared to lose the next election on this issue?
Yours sincerely,
Raissa Marks ... Click here for link

Elected MLAs, ministers will all be held collectively accountable re: FSL
Published Monday April 7th, 2008 Miramichi Leader
Appeared on page A6

This is an open letter to Premier Graham and Ministers Lamrock, Murphy and Burke.
Mr. Lamrock, you and your friends in government should be ashamed that you have not exercised due diligence in making this decision. To base your decision on this absurdly ill-prepared and poorly written report, that many of you have clearly not even read, and to wholly adopt its recommendations is something that all New Brunswickers need to know, no matter how they feel about the actual decision itself. Whether or not one supports the decision you made, Mr. Lamrock, the public needs to be aware that you did it based on such a bogus document as this report.
So far, I have appreciated the efforts of you, Mrs. Murphy and Burke, as relates to your respective portfolios. Sadly, that is not enough to counterbalance the devastating effects of Mr. Lamrock's decision.
This is your collective responsibility and you shall be held collectively accountable.
Alison Ménard ... Click here for link

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