Saturday, April 19, 2008

Citizens group looking for answers to immersion decision

By Edna Williston --Miramichi Leader
Published Friday April 18th, 2008
Appeared on page A3

Quick decisions very often prove not to be the best decisions.

At least that is the consensus of the members of a newly formed citizens group who are looking for answers from the New Brunswick government on its recent decision to eliminate early French Immersion (EFI) from provincial schools.

A decision they say that has been made far too quickly.

The group Citizens for Educational Choice(CEC) disagree with Education Minister Kelly Lamrocks' decision to eliminate EFI and are requesting the documentation relating to the decision through the province's Right to Information Act be made available to them.

"We are really concerned about why this has to happen so quickly. Why aren't we investigating? Why aren't we waiting for the Ombudsman (Bernard Richard) to look into this. What is the rush?

"This is an emotional topic for many people but I don't believe we are basing this on emotion. I think we are basing it on the evidence before us and as citizens we are not convinced that this is the best decision. What we are asking is where is the evidence this new approach is going to work?" said Burdett, "There are people in our group who are concerned about the implementation of the Intensive French program."

Burdett said the CEC is an open group and people are always welcome to what we are saying as a group is that we basically disagree with the changes that have been made and primarily with the process in which they have been made by government.

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