Thursday, April 17, 2008

Re-establish early immersion, MP says

Published Thursday April 17th, 2008, Telegraph-Journal
Appeared on page A8

Excerpts of a letter to Kelly Lamrock.

Section 88 of the Official Languages Act provides that the Standing Committee on Official Languages is responsible for reviewing the administration of the Act.

As a Member of Parliament and Vice-Chair of the Committee, I oppose your decision to eliminate the early French immersion program. This is a serious mistake and goes against the spirit of the Official Languages Act.

Our children need to be exposed to a second language at as early an age as possible to give them an opportunity to fully develop their language skills.

Have you considered other ways to change the English education system without eliminating early immersion? I would like to know your thoughts on this matter.

Furthermore, access to education in both official languages is a basic right. By preventing parents from choosing what is best for their child, you are flouting this right. You are responsible for ensuring (New Brunswick) remains (bilingual) through a meaningful education system.

Over 300 people gathered in front of the Legislature to oppose your decision.

Over 200 complaints have been filed with the Office of the Ombudsman/Child and Youth Advocate. I have also received dozens of complaints. Do these actions not speak for themselves?
I have learned that researchers at the Université de Moncton say the study on which you based your decision is flawed and that the findings are biased.

Our children must have an equal shot at success. I urge you to promptly re-establish an early immersion program.

MP, Acadie-Bathurst

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