Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ferlatte – a Liberal no more

Published Wednesday April 16th, 2008, The Tribune On-line
Appeared on page A5

DALHOUSIE - Shortly after Irma Ferlatte of Pointe Verte burned her Liberal Association membership card last week, she was arguing with the provincial education minister, Kelly Lamrock.

Ferlatte is a former Dalhousie resident. She came back home April 10 so she could demonstrate her displeasure with the Graham government's decision to eliminate early French immersion, replacing it with an intensive French program in Grade 5.
Ferlatte said that she knows, from 20 years of teaching, that this doesn't make sense. In her experience, Grade 5 is a difficult year, with a heavy curriculum for the first time.

"So many things could be done if only Mr. Lamrock would let his ego go and listen to the people," she said.

Ferlatte said that this is her fiftieth year as a Liberal member, so burning her card should send a message. In an interview the day after, she said that she intends to do whatever she can to defeat the current government. She says the government won't listen to anyone and few ministers return phone calls.

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