Friday, April 25, 2008

CEC respond to Lamrock’s statement--Bugle-Observer

Dear Editor,

In an article published April 17 in the Daily Gleaner, our Minister of Education implied that five reports have recommended the removal of Early French Immersion.

In fact, the opposite is true. Only one of these reports, the Croll-Lee Report, suggested that cutting EFI would help our schools. The other four strongly recommended that the EFI classes be provided with better resources and more Methods & Resource Teachers to help cure the problems caused by streaming.

It is baffling to ordinary citizens why Kelly Lamrock would choose to implement strategies found in a demonstrably flawed and biased report. It is therefore incumbent upon Mr Lamrock to explain to the public why the Croll-Lee Report carries more weight than the combined four other reports he has referenced.

Citizens for Educational Choice remains confident that our Premier will do the right thing, and follow the Ombudsman's recommendation to delay this decision for one year. This would allow for full public consultation, further examination of the Croll-Lee Report, and prevent our children from becoming participants in yet another educational experiment.

Robert Hoadley, Citizens for Educational Choice

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