Monday, April 21, 2008

Letters | Report money could have been better spent

Published Monday April 21st, 2008 Telegraph-Journal
Appeared on page A4

While schools are struggling to finance smart boards, stock libraries and even provide text books to its classrooms, Mr. Lamrock and the Liberal government have chosen to spend $180,000 on a totally inaccurate report to support a decision Kelly Lamrock feels is the right direction for the education of our children. Now, none of the other reports that were done by actual language experts have come to the same conclusion that Mr. Lamrock has come to. That doesn't give leave me with a lot of confidence in our government. When government decides to eliminate successful programs as important as the early immersion program, without public consultation, public debate or credible reports then there is something wrong with the way this government is operating.

That $180,000 could have bought many smart boards, thousands of novels, or hundreds of text books. The two Grade 8 classes at my daughter's school are being forced to share their text books because the budget for text books was not enough to purchase one for every student. It is not easy to study without a text book.

So, when I hear that useless reports are costing $180,000, I can't help but think maybe the whole problem isn't streaming like Mr. Lamrock wants us to believe. Maybe just one of the many problems is that our schools aren't funded properly. Next time Mr. Lamrock needs a report to support his decision, he should get one with a money back guarantee, in case it is reviewed by experts as well.


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