Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What they are doing with FSL training in other regions

Bloggers' note: The following is an excerpt from the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board's Webpage outlining their changes to FSL instruction in Ottawa. Notice that they have decided against continuing Late French Immersion and have decided to focus more on early and now middle immersion for a number of reasons outlined below. ___________________________

Ottawa-Carleton Board of Education

French as a Second Language — Important Changes You Need to Know

Early in 2007 we initiated a review of French as a Second Language (FSL) programs, both at the elementary and secondary levels. The objectives for the elementary school phase of the FSL review were to:

  • improve the effectiveness of delivery and instruction for FSL programs
  • ensure that students throughout the school district have equitable access to FSL programs
  • ensure that FSL programs have viable and sustainable enrolments
  • ensure that FSL programs are cost effective

As a result of our elementary school phase review, we are phasing out the Late French Immersion (LFI) program beginning in September 2008. The phase-out strategy will ensure that, subject to sufficient enrolment, students currently enrolled in grades 4 through 7 will continue to have access to Late French Immersion.

Therefore, beginning in September 2008, French as a Second Language delivery in our elementary schools will be:

  • Core French (Junior Kindergarten to grade 8)
  • Early French Immersion (EFI) (SK to grade 8)
  • Middle French Immersion (MFI) (grades 4 to 8)

Late French Immersion will only be offered in accordance with the phase-out plan.


You can also read their French as a Second Language Fact Sheet

They have an excellent presentation about FSL programs. Please pay particular attention to their last slides on Frequently Asked Questions.

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