Tuesday, June 17, 2008

French cuts delayed by judge's decision, or not

By Charlene MacKenzie
King's Record

SAINT JOHN In the wake of a judge's decision overturning the province's elimination of early French immersion this fall, New Brunswickers may not know whether the axe is still falling until Aug. 5.

Kings East MLA Bruce Northrup says if he could look into a crystal ball, he's pretty sure he'd see Education Minister Kelly Lamrock going ahead with the status quo, implementing the sweeping changes he announced March 14.
Parents are looking for a one-year moratorium on the changes and a proper investigation, not six weeks of "lip service," Keith said of Lamrock's proposed online consultation period.

"He needs to consult real French second language experts and end up with something credible, not full of flaws, mistakes, innuendo and anecdotes."

She's awaiting Ombudsman Bernard Richard's report later this month on his investigation into the province's decision to cut early immersion.

"It's far from over," agreed Northrup, who believes Lamrock and the Liberal government wasted a chance to take another year to consult experts in favour of adhering to their controversial plan. ...

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