Saturday, June 28, 2008

This Week in Early French Immersion

June 28th, 2008
Streaming isn't a reason to eliminate EFI--Telegraph-Journal
Summertime, and the living is crazy--Telegraph-Journal
Experts agree with assessment that early immersion works--Letter- The Daily Gleaner
Streaming happens outside immersion--Your View - The Daily Gleaner
Kelly Lamrock: who named you a superhero? Times and Transcript

June 27th
Premier must heed reccomendations--Letter ThisWeek
Both sides in immersion debate not being treated fairly--Letter - The Daily Gleaner

June 26th
Sussex councillors vote unanimously to delay early French immersion decision--Telegraph-Journal
Immersion Parents have opportunity to voice concerns about French program--Telegraph-Journal
Experts should set direction for French immersion debate--The Daily Gleaner
Parents keen to learn about education choices--The Daily Gleaner

June 25th
Supervisor should have been ID'ed--Letter- Times and Transcript (link to letter that this entry cites -- Ombudsman's report appears to be predetermined)
FSL: something subtle and remarkable--Miramichi Leader

June 24th
Listen to what the experts say--Letter - Telegraph-Journal
French immersion court ruling impedes preparation time, says one retired educator--The Northern Light
The Way I See It: Minister's failing grade won't change final outcome--The Northern Light
Elimination of early immersion is 'a serious mistake': MP Godin--The Northern Light
Patience gone for unreasonable minister--Bugle-Observer
The solution to streaming is access to help for struggling students--Kings County Record,

June 23rd
Education issue is about choice--Letter - Telegraph-Journal
Graduates say being bilingual is essential--The Daily Gleaner
Children learn best when young--Letter Times and Transcript

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