Monday, June 16, 2008

More Great Letters

Daily Gleaner
Some thoughts on Lamrock’s immersion plan -- Bruce Robertson, Sackville, NB
When confronted with parent school support committee surveys showing that parents oppose his French secondlanguage plans in a ratio of about 4:1, Education Minister Kelly Lamrock doubted the statistics, claiming that some who had expressed their opposition in the survey had subsequently telephoned to inform him that they had mis-voted.
I hope the next time someone conveniently parrots his talking points, Lamrock will have the forthrightness to inform them there is no reason to believe any greater number of students will be in immersion after Grade 5 under his plan, which provides only late French immersion. ...

Telegraph Journal
Lamrock shouldn't talk of abuse -- Sameera Yusuf, Fredericton, NB
It is amusing and revealing to hear Kelly Lamrock say that he and his colleagues "have a high threshold for abuse."
Are we to understand that the honourable judge's order to hold Lamrock to his promise of full consultation on the EFI issue constitutes abuse? Who is the minister to talk about abuse? He has abused the people's trust and our children's future. ...

Minister has lost credibility -- Bill Evans, Sackville, NB
Judge McLellan said the Minister's decision was "unfair and unreasonable" which confirmed the conclusion so many of us had reached after months of dealing with him on this issue. Simply put, Kelly Lamrock has lost all credibility with the public over his handling of this file. ...

Six weeks is not enough time -- Jean-Guy Richard, Notre Dame, NB
Following the court decision, it is obvious that six weeks is not long enough to consult and exchange ideas with all the stakeholders. ...

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