Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Judge sides with parents

From The Globe & Mail:

Justice Hugh McLellan of the New Brunswick Court of Queen's Bench sided with parents who argue Education Minister Kelly Lamrock didn't allow enough time for debate before making his decision on the program.

“Thus the decision of the minister was unfair and unreasonable,” Judge McLellan wrote.

The judgment quashes Mr. Lamrock's decision in March to scrap the program and sends the matter back to the government for further review.

“Any further decision by the minister should not be influenced by any expectations, consequences or possible waste caused by the March decision that has been quashed,” Judge McLellan says.

“Also any further decision should be made in accordance with the principles of fairness after an appropriate opportunity for interested citizens and organized groups to be heard.”

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Mike B said...

Now's the time to bombard them with emails, we can't let up! Fire them at lamrock, Garaham, MP's Superintendants, Madelaine Dube...letters to the editor.

They are sneaky as we all know, we have to keep pointing out their flaws as publicly as possible.