Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moncton CEC meeting May 27th, 2008

Over 70 people came and listened to 4 four great presentations and an update on the Legal case now before the courts.

  1. Dr. Diana Hamilton -- Why we are worried about the decision to terminate EFI

  2. Dr. Bruce Robertson -- Response to the Liberal FSL plan

  3. Dr. Rodrigue Landry -- French second language education for all anglophone students in New Brunswick: challenges and issues

  4. Dr. Paula Kristmanson -- An Alternative Plan for FSL in New Brunswick

Tim Jackson provided an update on the case that is currently before the courts.

The audience asked great questions, made great points, lined up, opened their cheque books and donated $1900 for the legal case.

The session was chaired by Alison Menard who also gave an eloquent summary of the talks and her personal experience with her children in EFI.

Thanks also go to Andrew Boughen for helping and U de M for providing the appropriate education and linguistic setting for this meeting.

The youtube videos will be coming in a few days.

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Mike B. said...

Great meeting last night, good luck to Tim next week.

Was so inspired by everything I heard last night I just emailed my MLA, cc'd Lamrock & Graham! Keep up the good work.