Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another expert weighs in

Dr. Gene Ouellette (Ph.D)
Language and Literacy Learning Lab
Mount Allison University

French Immersion, Education, and Politics. Does Anyone Actually Care about the Evidence?

Ever since New Brunswick Education Minister Kelly Lamrock announced plans to scrap early French Immersion in New Brunswick schools there has been a virtual firestorm of controversy. Academics and politicians alike have waded into the issue, as have parent and community groups. In the spirit of partisan politics, the Provincial Liberal Government has stood by their beleaguered minister, as he continues to roll out one reform after another. We are told that it's all for the future of the children. Yet while debate has stirred pro and anti- French sentiment, pro- and anti- Liberal stances, does anyone really care about the scientific evidence behind education and child development? As a language and literacy researcher I would put forth that if reform is for the benefit of the children, and the very future of the Province, it is imperative that we step back and actually consider the empirical evidence.

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