Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Expectations increased, competencies reduced: Dubé -- Wednesday May 28th, 2008

The Victoria Star

The Opposition Education Critic Madeleine Dubé sharply denounced the Liberal plan to reduce the level of competence for teachers in the area of French second language instruction, and not to require trained teachers in the areas of music, art, vocational education or physical education.

During question period in the Legislature on Tuesday, May 20, the Opposition learned that the Liberal government anticipates reducing the competency requirements so that teachers can move from one subject area to another, without regard to their level of qualification.

"In fact, according to the Education Minister, it only matters that one is a teacher, and not their area of expertise. A few days of teacher training will suffice. It is not necessary to have competency in French, in art or others to teach. Further, Minister Lamrock is not providing additional resources to the schools or to the teachers, but he still demands that they be accountable for the results of the students," stated Dubé.

"In other words," added Dubé, "expectations are increased, but competencies are reduced. The Minister is offloading his responsibilities on to the backs of the teachers, without providing the tools necessary to do their work in an effective way. That is the Liberal plan."

When Dubé requested more details, the Minister was "content to play petty politics with the future of our youth. I do not understand why the Graham government seems to attack our children and teachers. Once again, parents, teachers, school districts and communities want what is best for our youth, but it seems that this is not a priority for the present government."

Finally, Dubé asks parents and teachers to be vigilant. "The first years are extremely important when one considers the education of our youth. Make sure that the Graham government does not hold them hostage, just because they can. Our children deserve better."

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