Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meeting Minutes from 17 March

EFI Concerned Citizens’ Meeting

Monday, March 17, 2008

Chaired by: Amanda Cockshutt, Diana Hamilton and Matt Litvak.

  • Information was presented on the CBC Forum on French instruction at the Capital Theatre.
  • Diana and Matt did a brief review of the errors in the Lee/Kroll report.

Discussed were options for immediate action:

  • Media blitz.
  • Letter writing blitz. All were asked to send a print letter (not electronic) to all MLAs, Kelly Lamrock, the Premier and to copy all correspondence to the blog.
  • Continue with Marshview Middle School petition started by Rosemary Cockshutt
  • E-mail Mount A students to inform them of the report and changes to EFI
  • Protest in Fredericton
  • Identify a unifying slogan
  • Demand the resignation of the Minister of Education
  • Revisit the provincial charter on bilingualism
  • Revisit the federal Heritage Act
  • Blitz each MLA office in the province
  • Investigate the legalities that there was no disclaimer on the EFI application sent to Kindergarten parents: Does this constitute a signed contract?
  • Investigate the possibilities of litigation as an intention to mislead the public
  • Investigate the necessary changes to the Education Act
  • Lobby Liberal Memramcook MLA, Bernard LeBlanc for support
  • Parent petition
  • Tintamarre
  • Contact all New Brunswick MPs for support as there may be a federal election soon, particularly Dominic LeBlanc
  • Investigate the impact that the loss of EFI will have on Sackville’s designation as a Cultural Capital
  • Contact the NB Ombudsman office

Concrete ideas to move on immediately:

Letter writing

Protest in Fredericton

Tintamarre March in Sackville

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