Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Department of education is recruiting

A recent job posting from NB Dept of Ed shows that the government is pushing ahead at full speed (a speed not considered normal for this Department) on its abolition of EFI. The job competition closes on April 15th.

The Anglophone Division of the Department of Education, Fredericton, is seeking the services of two learning specialists to collaboratively assume lead responsibility for French Second Language in the Educational Programs and Services Branch.

Working with colleagues in the Department and school districts, curriculum committees and other interested partners, the successful applicants will have lead responsibility for the development and implementation of curricula in French Second Language. One learning specialist position will focus on Intensive French and Post Intensive French; the other position will focus on Late French Immersion and English as a Second Language.

Successful candidates must possess a thorough knowledge of research and best practice in the teaching of FSL. Experience with Intensive French and French Immersion will be considered an asset. The learning specialists will assist in coordinating training opportunities in FSL methodology, will review print and non-print resources to support the prescribed curricula, will organize any needed piloting of the resources and will process resulting recommendations. They will communicate curriculum changes and initiatives to district office personnel and, upon request assist with professional development. The learning specialists may have opportunities to work with FSL education groups and organizations within and beyond the province and to represent the Department of Education on various inter-departmental and regional committees.


Amanda Cockshutt said...

Is it just me being cynical, or is it not ironic that the candidate "must possess a thorough knowledge of research and best practice in the teaching of FSL"? Too bad the premier didn't use this criterion for selecting the commissioners and for making the decision himself.

The propaganda and advertisement of new positions with such haste indicates that this has been in the works for a while.

andrea said...

" Successful candidates....will review print and non-print resources to support the prescribed curricula." does this not set off your alarm bells?
andrea, concerned mom and voter

stacey merrigan said...

also interesting - the school district 2 website recently posted their call for teacher for next year. Included on the list were the EFI positions.

Here's the link: