Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Can handle routine work-related interactions that are limited in scope"

From John Higham is this commentary in the Telegraph Journal:

Perhaps exploring how the Croll and Lee logic would be applied to another topic facing the province can help us understand this point of view. Let's examine obesity from the Croll-Lee perspective.

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Jackie Jacob-Vogels said...

A question for Mr. Graham...

When you are ill, Mr. Graham, do you call upon your Minister of Health for treatment or do you go to your medical doctor? I suspect that you go to your medical doctor, the person trained in the field of medicine, the person who best knows the route to take to make you better. Why would you proceed any differently when making decisions about our education system? By the way, if this decision is not overturned, you probably won't have the option of going to a medical doctor anymore....they will all be living elsewhere - where they can provide their kids with the best education possible!

The experts have offered their help, accept it and improve our education system - this is what everyone wants for our kids.