Sunday, July 6, 2008

This Week in Early French Immersion--Part Deux

Be 'fair' and 'reasonable'--July 5th--Times and Transcript
Spelling out changes to our french language programs--July 5th--Daily Gleaner
Stakesholders applaud francophone education appointment--July 5th--Daily Gleaner

Only francophones will be bilingual--Letters-July 4th--Telegraph-Journal
Immersion changes threaten job prospects--Letters--July 4th--Daily Gleaner
Consultation meaningless--Letter--July 4th--Miramichi Leader
Ground gets shakier for Liberals--July 4th--Telegraph-Journal

Listening to silence--July 3rd--Telegraph-Journal [Read the comments--they say it all]
Alberta district not stealing French immersion teachers--July 3rd--Daily Gleaner

Public education: a public melting pot--July 2nd--Tribune
Premier could learn something & The fix was in from the start--Letters--July 2nd--Times & Transcript
Liberal voice sings alone--July 2nd--Daily Gleaner
Early French immersion proponents seem to want less choice, not more & Immersion cut doesn't address education woes--Letters (see comments)--July 2nd--Daily Gleaner

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