Saturday, July 12, 2008

Are things looking up? Mixed messages

July 12th
The Sleuth--Now for something that has hit a few more sour notes--Times & Transcript
Two words that gave, then took away, hope: Education Minister says his idea of a 'working group' on French language wasn't exactly what people thought--Telegraph-Journal
Don't expect formal working group: Lamrock--Education minister wants to meet with several small groups of stakeholders about French immersion plans--Times & Transcript
Not even close to bilingual--Letter--The Daily Gleaner [We were a bit surprised when we saw the letter from Premier Graham too]

July 11th
Secrecy doesn't make for open government. In our view: Barring the public from French consultations isn't what the judge ordered--Editorial --The Daily Gleaner.
Meeting of minds: Education Opposing sides in French second-language debate laud roundtable discussion--Telegraph-Journal
FSL experts offer variety of views at stakeholders' meeting--Telegraph-Journal
Be fair and reasonable--Letter--Telegraph-Journal
Educators look for solutions--French Minister says 'clash of ideas' may be beneficial--The Daily Gleaner
Immersion changes could be delayed: minister--Kelly Lamrock suggests working group could help develop alternatives to controversial changes--Times and Transcript
Talk about the writing on the wall--Letter--Bugle-Observer

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